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February 27, 2006

Make the Bad Man Stop

Trying to work is difficult when they are filming a movie literally right outside your window.

Especially when that movie involves a car crash scene.

Which they are shooting approximately 3,466,352 times.

I'm just saying.

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February 22, 2006

Gizmodo: Your Boxes Resource

Are these people serious? Emphasis added.


I took a look at your site a couple of hours ago...and I want to tell you that I'd really love to trade links with you. I think has some really good stuff related to my site's topic of boxes and would be a great resource for my visitors as it deals with some great aspects of boxes that I'd like to give my visitors more information about.

In fact, I went ahead and added your site to my Boxes Info4u website at [redacted]

Is that OK with you?

Can I ask a favor? Will you give me a link back on your site? I'd really appreciate you returning the favor. There's some html for linking back to me on my Add URL page (

Thanks and feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to chat more about this.

Best wishes,

Boxes Info4u

P.S. If you'd like the description of your site modified just drop me a line.

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February 07, 2006

The Double Feature Finder

doublefeature.jpgTonight I went to my first New York Tech Meetup and was introduced to the marvelous Double Feature Finder.

Enter your zipcode, choose a theatre, and you see a grid listing of all movies showing. With the click of a button, you can see which movies are showing exactly before and after the movie you selected.

So, that way, it's easy to know to buy two tickets instead of just one. Or something.

· Double Feature Finder

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Dell Hell: Currently in Purgatory

Dell SucksFor those playing along at home, my Dell Hell episode is almost complete. After additional hours and hours on the phone, on the web, and over email, I think I've come to a resolution.

As far as I can tell, the original tech support team that helped me (in India, in case anyone cares) was entirely negligent. They violated numerous Dell policies, were unclear, and did not respond to follow-up requests for assistance. It's possible they even tried to sabotage the case number.

This final chapter resulted in a Dell US-based Small Business Customer Care representative and her supervisor staying on the phone with me, fighting the agents in India that were disconnecting and transferring me to automated systems. I owe an enormous amount of gratitude to these valuable employees, but don't want to print their names in case Dell decides to freak out.

Read on...

Last week, I decided this had to end, and called Dell and said I was a small business customer (more on this later) determined not to hang up until this was resolved. Now, I am a small business customer. I've even signed a reseller contract with Dell. Yet for some reason, this order was processed as a home office order.

Regardless, I reached a nice representative, explained the situation, and asked for her supervisor. In summary, my client had shipped the computer back to Dell over a week ago, and Dell had neither refunded my money nor begun processing an exchange.

The supervisor told me there wasn't anything they could do as it was the wrong department, but they promised to make a new case number, clearly explain what had to happen in the notes, and direct me to the correct department. I was then transferred to the Home Office department and sent to India. The representative was, again, incompetent. Even after pulling up the new case number and being told by Small Business policy states I should receive an immediate refund, she cited some nonsense and said I had to call technical support. I said I need to speak to her supervisor. Here's how it went:

Dell Rep: "Yes sir I will transfer you to the appropriate supervisor, please hold."

(hold music)

"Thank you for calling Dell's Automated Technical Support Status System."

At this point, I literally scream. Loudly. I couldn't believe after all that, I had been essentially hung up on. All of the sudden, I hear a voice:

Dell Rep: "Scott, Scott, are you there???

It turns out my amazing rep from the powerless Small Business department had secretly stayed on the phone with me to witness the incompetent representative ignore procedure, cite incorrect information, lie to me, then pawn me off to an automated system -- certainly not their supervisor!

My amazing rep was obviously horrified. She didn't know what to say, besides "This amazes me." We decided to try again. She called again, this time staying on the line and explaining the situation. This time, the Indian rep randomly disconnected us, or at least that's what my amazing rep's system indicated. She was once again speechless and didn't know what to say.

Finally, the third time being a charm, she was able to convince the Indian Home/Home Office rep to issue me the credit I deserved. After dozens of hours dealing with Dell, it is possible my situation may be resolved.

Some other notes:

  • I had learned that you receive better service when you call and say you are a small business customer, not a home/home office customer. Home and home office customers are outsourced to India. Small business customers are handled in the US. I hate to sit here and give power to a stereotype, but it was absolutely my experience. With only one exception, every Dell representative I spoke to in India was incompetent.
  • The credit card I actually ordered the computer on has since expired, so I doubt the credit can go through. We'll see how long it takes me get them to credit a different credit card.
  • Don't forget to read about the evidence I uncovered proving that the refurbished system I was shipped was such a lemon that the previous owner eventually sent it back, too. Apparently, Dell didn't take this as a hint that something needed to be fixed.
  • I am exhausted. Anyone know any good lawyers?

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