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Things You Don't Want to Hear on the 6 Train

While stopped in the middle of a tunnel:

"Downtown 6 service is currently suspended. We have a sick passenger at Spring Street. EMT units are on the way, and once the situation is resolved, downtown 6 service will continue."

First they tried to have us all go to the first car so they could edge into the station and let us out through one door. Eventually they decided to evacuate the train currently in the station, let it go slightly up the tunnel, and then let all us out.


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I Knew the MTA Was Lazy...

Black Circle Line...but couldn't they find something else to do with the Times Square Subway Marquee 9 circle besides black it out when it was shut down?

Apparently workers had to place "black vinyl patches over 904 signs on platforms and entrances at 45 stations: 37 along the line itself and 8 transfer stations."

I wonder what the white circle used to be...

A New York Times article about changing the 9 signage explains the 9 isn't the only line to ever disappear:

The No. 9, then, enters a graveyard of other route designations that have graced the subway map over the years. The No. 8, an elevated line, ran above Third Avenue in the Bronx until it was demolished in 1973. Double-letter designations -- like the AA, GG and QB -- were phased out in 1986. The JFK Express ran alongside the A train, from Midtown to Howard Beach, Queens, until 1990.

· On Its Last Wheels, No. 9 Line Is Vanishing on Signs [New York Times]
· Abandoned Stations List []

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